Sign your petition to make Ohio a Stand Your Ground state!

Last General Assembly, gun owners got the short end of the stick.

As you know, HB228, which was a watered-down bill in the first place, was GUTTED in the Ohio Senate Government Oversight Committee.

That means Ohio gun owners like you and me still have a “duty to retreat” from violent attack.

We still don’t have the ability to “threaten” to use force to deescalate violent situations.

We still don’t have pre-trial immunity hearings that prevent gun owners from being drug through a courtroom battle after they won the defensive battle against an attacker.

In fact, Ohio is in the vast MINORITY of states that still don’t have Stand-Your-Ground law, with 36 other states having some form of Stand-Your-Ground!

We’d like to change that in 2019, and we’re charging forward to make sure we do everything we can to make it happen.

That’s why I hope you’ll sign the petition to pass Stand-Your-Ground law that I’ve linked to below!

These petitions will be delivered to your state representatives and senators, and they simply demand that they support and vote YES on the OGO Stand-Your-Ground bill!

We’ll have the draft language available for you to read shortly.

Modeled closely after last GA’s HB590 (with some excellent revisions!), it’s the full-orbed, comprehensive Ohio self-defense law OVERHAUL that some experts say is the best Stand-Your-Ground legislation they’ve ever seen.

So I hope you’ll click and submit your petition right away.

But I hope you’ll also consider making a contribution as well.

As we saw during the Lame Duck Session, gun owners need to grow into a larger political fighting force than they are, because the politicians need to fear gun owners at election time more than they want to cozy up to special interest groups that are always willing to cut a deal!

Ohio Gun Owners is committed to doing just that — growing Ohio’s grassroots gun-rights army!

Your contribution of as little as $20 can help us reach up to 3,200 people with our messages online.

Or, a contribution of $100 or even more can help underwrite our direct-mail efforts to grow Ohio’s gun-owner grassroots ARMY.

Whatever amount you can afford will be put to immediate use, as Ohio’s 133rd General Assembly is about to kick into high-gear!

But please click, fill out and submit your petition, as that’s most important.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Director, Ohio Gun Owners