Stand Your Ground Bill Introduced!

I’ve got some great news!

First of all, your emails from yesterday urging Ohio’s House Republican Leadership to stop fast-tracking HB354 through the committee process seems to be working, as they pulled it from Thursday’s committee agenda.

(For more information about the perils in HB354, please see the email from yesterday below)

This is good news for now, but we cannot stop pounding on them, not for a moment!

So please click the image below to send them another message demanding that they STOP advancing HB354!

Gun owners cannot afford to ignore any politician in Columbus for even a moment, so thank you for taking action.

But I also have another bit of wonderful news to report!

This morning at 10:35am, Representatives Candice Keller (R-Middletown) and Ron Hood (R-Ashville) took a mighty swing for gun owners against the gun-control onslaught and introduced an incredibly fantastic version of Stand-Your-Ground law.

And thanks to your relentless calls, emails and social media messages over the last two weeks, a whopping TWENTY-TWO of their Republican colleagues joined with them as cosponsors, bringing the total to a staggering TWENTY-FOUR!

This fabulous legislation was given a bill number of House Bill 381 (HB381)!

Remember the number HB381 – we’re going to be using it a lot!

Having twenty-four Republicans on this legislation is an impressive feat for gun owners, Site, as last year’s Stand-Your-Ground bill only accumulated sixteen!

By increasing our showing from sixteen to twenty-four in the horrific gun-control climate we are in, it is powerful evidence that the gun-rights community across Ohio is rapidly becoming a feared political fighting force!

It could come at no better time.

In the coming weeks, we are going to fight like hell to get this bill through the committee process.

At the same time, we’re going to fight like hell to do everything we can to stop the Governor’s gun-control proposal, too.

But if we are going to be successful in the tasks before us, we are going to need the iron muscle of our engaged membership pounding forward every step of the way!


There a couple of things to do right away.

First, please contact your state representative and tell them to support HB381, the Stand-Your-Ground (SYG) bill by Representatives Keller and Hood.

Now that the bill is introduced, we need to make sure that SYG continues moving forward, as it isn’t enough for a representative to simply cosponsor a bill and then sit on their thumbs and do nothing.

It is time for these politicians to FIGHT!

So please send your message right away.

As you’ll see, all you have to do is press a few buttons, click submit, and you’re finished!

Next, I hope you’ll consider contributing to this effort.

Sadly, Ohio Gun Owners isn’t funded by any billionaire backers like the gun-grabbers are.

Our resources come entirely from the wallets of hard-working Ohioans like you who care enough about our freedoms to act.

If you believe as we believe and as so many of our members believe that these freedoms are worth fighting for, please consider making a donation.

Whatever amount you choose is up to you.

We are readying radio ads, social media ads, direct mail deployments and targeted email campaigns where they can be most effective, but we need more resources to run these programs effectively.

So please be as generous as you can.

But if you are unable to contribute at this time, please make sure you contact your state representative and tell them to support Stand-Your-Ground, as that is most important!

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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Email from 10-22-19
The list of Republican turncoats is growing, and it sickens me. Probably about as much as I imagine it angers you.

Former (disgraced) Governor John Kasich. Senator Stephanie Kunze. Senator John Eklund. Now Senator Matt Dolan. And Senator Peggy Lehner. And Senator Frank Hoagland. And of course, Governor Mike DeWine.

Site, these REPUBLICANS have been launching attack after attack after attack against our gun rights, and now House Republicans are joining in on the assault.

House Bill 354, authored by Republican Representatives Phil Plummer and D.J. Swearingen, is being fastracked through the Ohio House Committee Process, and we need your help to stop it right away! The action link is below. 

If passed, HB354 won’t do a single thing to stop a killer or rapist or kidnapper from committing their heinous crimes.

What HB354 WILL strip citizens of their gun rights for mistakes they made as minors.

Perhaps the worst thing HB354 will do is create the massive, taxpayer-funded centralized database with HUNDREDS of entry-portals that gun-grabbers in our government will need to track, trace and register gun owners like we are a bunch of sex-offenders at some point down the road.

HB354 WILL raise the expungement age in Ohio from 23 all the way up to age 28, creating nightmare scenarios for thousands of current, law-abiding gun owners.

In fact, HB354 is so bad that the Office of the Ohio Public Defender publicly opposed the bill in committee, testifying that “around 28-years-old, individuals are somewhat established in their career to the point where many are moving towards homeownership, marriage, and children” and go on to describe how this would be a crippling blow to so many!

Keep in mind, juvenile adjudications for aggravated murder, murder and rape already can never be sealed or expunged.

That’s why we are urging you to contact your state representatives right away and tell them to vote NO on HB354!

It’s easy, quick and secure, and we’ve already written the messages for you.

Site, Statehouse sources indicate that Speaker Householder might ram this bill through committee and put it on the House floor vote a vote as early as Thursday.

Don’t wait, act now!

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