Deadline TOMORROW: Has Your State Rep Cosponsored Stand-Your-Ground?

“Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.”

It’s a popular phrase, but the truth is we need one now more than ever!

That’s why I’m so happy that Representatives Candice Keller (R-Middletown) and Ron Hood (R-Ashville) are introducing Stand-Your-Ground legislation for Ohio Gun Owners’ members and supporters!

The bad news is, Site, the deadline for your State Representative to add their name to this bill as a cosponsor ends tomorrow at 5:00pm!

Here’s the list of cosponsors so far:

Rep Candice Keller, District #53, Joint-SPONSOR
Rep Ron Hood, Dist #78, Joint-SPONSOR
Rep. Tom Brinkman, Dist #27
Rep. Phil Plummer, Dist #40
Rep. George Lang, Dist #52
Rep. Don Manning, Dist #59
Rep. John Becker, Dist #65
Rep. Bill Dean, Dist #74
Rep. Diane Grendell, Dist #76
Rep. Craig Riedel, Dist #82
Rep. John Cross, Dist #83
Rep Nino Vitale, Dist #85
Rep. Don Jones, Dist #95

In a very short amount of time, ELEVEN Representatives have added their names to the bill as cosponsors!

But the bad news is that there are many legislators who promised in the 2018 election cycle that they would cosponsor this bill who have NOT yet done so!

They are:
Rep Scott Wiggam, Dist 01, (614) 466-1474
Rep Bill Seitz, Dist 30, (614) 466-8258
Rep Niraj Antani, Dist 42, (614) 466-6504
Rep Dick Stein, Dist 57 (614) 466-9628
Rep Kris Jordan, Dist 67, (614) 644-6711
Rep Jena Powell, Dist 80, (614) 466-8114
Rep Susan Manchester, Dist 84, (614) 466-6344
Rep Brian Baldridge, Dist 90, (614) 466-2124
Rep Jay Edwards, Dist 94, (614) 466-2158

Site, they need to hear from you right away.

As you’ll notice, I’ve included their phone numbers so that you can call their office staff really quick and tell them you expect them to uphold the campaign promises to gun owners they made back in 2018!

Once you’ve done that, I hope you’ll also contact your own State Representative and demand that THEY add themselves as a cosponsor to the Keller/Hood Stand-Your-Ground bill as well.

We’ve made it really easy for you, just click the button below, press submit and you’re done!

You see, this is also a big opportunity for you to find out if your state representative is really pro-gun or if they are just mouthing pro-gun rhetoric to get elected.

With the 2020 election season and especially the fantastic Republican Primary season right around the corner, whether or not your State Representative cosponsored this very important piece of pro-gun legislation will give you a very good indication if they are part of the solution or part of the problem in Columbus!

Because as you likely know, Ohio is NOT one of the 36 states that have Stand-Your-Ground protections for gun owners, even though we have MASSIVE Republican “pro-gun” majorities.

A Stand-Your-Ground law simply protects gun owners who were forced to use a firearm for self-defense from anti-gun prosecutors or frivolous charges from some thug or their family members, as well as removing Ohio’s horrific “duty to retreat” law.

And the Keller/Hood Stand-Your-Ground law also codifies the “threatened use of force” as a powerful deescalation tool in violent situations where a criminal situation can be remedies by the threat of deadly force.

Site, this is the legislation that Jon Husted and Mike DeWine SHOULD be pushing if they want to lower violent crime in Ohio.

But right now we’re trying to add as many cosponsors to the bill as possible before tomorrow’s deadline so that we can know in the coming election season who stands with us and who stands against us in the fight to defend our Second Amendment freedoms.

So please contact your State Representative RIGHT AWAY and tell them to add their names as cosponsors to the Keller/Hood Stand-Your-Ground bill, before it is too late!

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. We’re mobilizing gun owners by the thousands to fight back against these attacks, so please consider contributing to these efforts with a financial donation if you can.

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