THREE Gun-Control hearings scheduled for this week!

please read this email and take immediate action!

Friday afternoon, the Statehouse news services started pinging with notifications announcing more hearings for Governor Kasich’s gun-control bills this coming week. . .

. . . THREE of them!

House Bill 585 by Representative Mike Henne is scheduled for a hearing at 8:30am on Wednesday, May 16 in room 14.

As you probably remember from previous emails, HB585 is the gun-control omnibus bill Governor Kasich is trying to ram through in the House.

Among other things, HB585 bans certain firearm accessories, expands the federal gun owner database and creates “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders via secret, star-chamber court hearings where accused gun owners aren’t even present to defend themselves!

Now remember, Governor Kasich, his buddy Representative Henne (the sponsor) and the chair of the State and Local Government Committee Marlene Anielski are all term-limited.

They don’t give a rip what the voters in their districts think about their maneuvers to hotrod these gun-control bills because they don’t have to face them for reelection again.

And neither does Senator John Eklund, the state senator sponsoring Kasich’s Senate gun-control bill, SB288.

Senator Eklund’s SB288 is the SECOND gun-control bill hearing, happening Wednesday at 9:30am in the Senate Finance hearing room.

That committee will also hear this week’s THIRD gun-control bill, Senate Bill 278!

SB288 by Senator Eklund is the mirror image of HB585, and Governor Kasich has whipped Senate Leadership to coalesce around it to try to force it through our General assembly!

SB278 by Senator Schiavoni, the third bill receiving a hearing, in addition to destroying a gun owner’s right to due process through secret court proceedings, would give gun-control groups state authorization to publish official state propaganda for the purpose of educating people how to manipulate the “ex-parte” hearings process against gun owners.

Web, this is a complete outrage!

Gun owners need to THUNDER their 100% opposition against these gun-control bills and bring these legislators to heel.

You see, Governor Kasich and the sponsors of these gun-control bills may not be worried about reelection consequences, but the other members of the committees these bills have to pass through definitely are!

And that is where Ohio Gun Owners is focusing our attention.

That’s why I’m asking you to take action – NOW!

Please do these three things:

1) ➤➤ Please click the image below to contact your State Senator and DEMAND they publicly oppose, block in committee and vote NO on SB278 and SB288!

Gun owners don’t do the work of electing “pro-gun majorities” (in Ohio there are two Republicans for every Democrat) only to get slapped in the face by those politicians who are advancing Bloomberg’s gun-control bills!

2) ➤➤ Please also contact your State Representative and DEMAND they oppose House Bill 585 by Representative Mike Henne!

Web, these politicians are your employees – they work for YOU.

They don’t have a right to walk away from the campaign promises they made at election time to “protect your Second Amendment rights.”

In fact, they swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.

So contact your State Representative and demand they vote NO on HB585!

As you’ll see, it’s quick and easy, and we’ve done the work of writing the messages for you.

Whether you want to call, email, Facebook or Tweet your politicians, we’ve pre-written your messages or call scripts for you.

Please contact them right away!

3) ➤➤ Lastly, I need to ask for your support.

We’ve prepared hard-hitting programs to mobilize gun owners against these bills in targeted House and Senate districts across Ohio.

In particular, we’re mobilizing gun owners in the districts of the members of the committees that have been tasked with passing these gun-control bills!

But we can’t do it without your support.

So please make an emergency contribution to help fund these programs by clicking the image below!

But whatever you do, please contact your politicians and DEMAND that they oppose HB585, SB288 and SB278!

That’s most important.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. The push to pass gun-control is heating up, and three gun-control bills are scheduled for hearings this coming week.

Web, we need to hit these politicians back – and HARD.

That’s why I’m asking you to click below and contact your State Senator and DEMAND they vote NO on Senate Bill 288 and Senate Bill 278!

But please don’t stop there.

Please also contact your State Representative and DEMAND they vote NO on HB585!

And when you’re finished, please support our targeted mobilization efforts in key legislative districts as well.

Whether that’s $20, $250 or somewhere in between, please be as generous as you can because these Republican-sponsored bills are moving quickly.

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