Today’s vote on constitutional carry

We were betrayed, plain and simple.

That’s how to best describe what happened during today’s Government Oversight Committee hearing on Constitutional Carry.

YOU, along with thousands upon thousands of others, rained political pain down on the politicians in the form of text messages, emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages on this committee.

But despite all of that, the Republicans on the committee still folded like the wet noodles they are and gave in to the Radical Left by watering down HB227 with their weakening sub-bill.

And shortly after adopting the sub-bill, they voted the bill out of committee on a party-line vote.

Rob and I shot a short video after the committee vote to explain what happened, and you can watch that here:

But here’s the cold, hard truth.

Because the weak Republicans voted in favor of the sub-bill, they made it clear that not only do they believe that churches should keep being criminal safe zones, but they also believe that THEY are the ones who dictate to YOU what self-defense tools you are legally allowed to defend yourself and your loves ones with!

But it gets worse.

These politicians brokered a deal with the Buckeye Firearms Association and the NRA to complete this betrayal of our freedoms – Bill Seitz even confirmed this in public during the hearing and even thanked them for striking the deal!

But here’s the good news.

We got every single one of these committee members making a roll call vote on the anti-gun amendment that can be used to expose them during the next Republican primary election.

Not only that, but we also forced every member of the Ohio House Republican Leadership team to vote FOR Constitutional Carry – something that hasn’t been done before in Ohio history!

It was all because they couldn’t ignore the will of gun owners any longer.

Make no mistake, we are in this position, poised to pass Constitutional Carry through the entire House chamber, because of the massive amount of grassroots pressure that OGO members and supporters like YOU have been thundering at the Statehouse!

So, you might be asking yourself, where do we go from here?

Now we take this fight to the full House.

Remember, we are only a quarter of the way through the process, and there are still plenty of fights to be had.

That’s also why we are also asking you today to dig deep and consider a donation to Ohio Gun Owners.

OGO spent a major amount of resources moving the ball, hammering the politicians and getting the success that we’ve had so far.

And before we set out on our next course of action, we need to make sure that our warchest is full to the brim.

So if you can afford to give $100, $50 or $25 today, we would gratefully accept your support!

From all of us here at OGO, we thank you for taking action and being there every step of the way, especially over the last few days.

Be sure to check out our video above and stay tuned for the next step in our battle to freedom.

For Ohio,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners