Andrea White

Things are moving FAST at the Ohio Statehouse, and I’m asking you to stand STRONG with us right now.

As you know, we have been hearing rumors and whispers at the Statehouse that the Constitutional Carry bill is going to be watered down and sabotaged in tomorrow’s House Government Oversight Committee hearing.

But up to this point, we haven’t heard a name of what organization or what representative is the driving force behind these sabotage efforts, other than “leadership” in general.

That all changed a few hours ago.

One name that recently popped up amongst our connections with staff and workers at the Ohio Statehouse is Representative Andrea White.

Who is Andrea White, what power does she have and why would she want to sabotage HB227, you might ask?

Follow the Money

Andrea White is the vice-chairwoman of the House Government Oversight Committee, and a new State Representative from Kettering, OH.

Kettering, Ohio is the home of former and disgraced state senator Peggy Lehner.

Peggy Lehner was one of Michael Bloomberg’s chief Republican allies in the Ohio Senate, frequently and routinely sponsoring every gun-control bill you can think of, and always advancing the ball for Bloomberg’s Ohio chapter of Moms Demand Action.

On 2/20/2020, Peggy Lehner donated $1,500 to Andrea White’s campaign.

On 8/6/2020, Peggy Lehner donated another $4,500 to White.

But it gets worse.

If you have been reading OGO email blasts or watching our infamous facebook videos, you know that Ohio House Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz has been a massive obstacle to passing pro-gun bills through the Ohio House.

In July of 2019, Seitz stood up in the Republican caucus meeting and lied about what HB381, the OGO Stand-Your-Ground bill, would do in a successful attempt to derail a floor vote on a full-blown Stand-Your-Ground law.

On the House Government Oversight Committee, Seitz has been working inside the Statehouse to prevent HB227 from coming up for a vote.

In other words, Seitz is a known opponent of the major pro-gun bills that have been passing in Republican-controlled states all across America.

On October 20 of last year, Bill Seitz donated $2,500 to Andrea White’s campaign for the Ohio House.

Ten days later he gave her several thousand more and, all told, funneled $6,500 to White’s campaign.

Calling in the Favors

A lot of anti-gun money has fueled Andrea White’s rise to the vice-chairmanship of the Ohio House Government Oversight Committee.

Reading through White’s campaign contributor list is like reading a who’s who list of people that have been serious obstacles to substantial advancements for gun rights in Ohio.

Her top individual donor is a heavy financier of Mike DeWine’s reelection campaign, and gave White over $12,500 dollars.

In fact, Ohio House Government Oversight Committee Chairman Shane Wilkin, the chairman who has been holding HB227 back from getting votes, gave White $5,000 on October 20, 2020!

In her short tenure in the Ohio House, White made a name for herself amongst the gun-rights community when she refused to cosponsor both the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB62) AND Constitutional Carry (HB227).

As vice-chairman of the Government Oversight Committee, White is positioned perfectly to try to run an amendment to HB227 that would prohibit self-defense in places of worship unless church leadership grants you permission.

It is a very real possibility that Representative Andrea White’s political funding sources might be cashing in their chips and demanding that White sabotage the bill before it leaves committee.


When OGO contacted Andrea White’s office staff, her staffer would neither confirm nor deny that White was going to sabotage HB227 with weakening amendments in tomorrow’s committee hearing.

Sadly, gun owners can not afford to sit on our hands and knees and pray that Andrea White does the right thing in tomorrow’s committee hearing, and we need to take immediate action!

That’s why I’m asking you to contact Andrea White right away.

Andrea White is a Representative. She represents thousands of gun owners in Ohio House District 41.

But in her role as the vice-chairwoman of the House Government Oversight Committee, she represents every single gun owner in Ohio.

That’s why I’m asking you and every single member of the OGO Nation to contact Andrea White right away at (937) 321-1813.

Your message for her is simple: PASS HB227 with ZERO weakening amendments.

No compromise. None. Not one single inch.

The days of making deals with the devil and appeasing the Radical, Communist Left are dead and gone, where they should be.

The time for the Ohio House Republican Supermajority, that gun owners elected, to deliver on their campaign promises is NOW.

So when you are finished contacting White, please don’t stop there. Please also contact the other members of the committee and tell them the same thing:

Pass HB227 with ZERO weakening amendments!

Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz – (513) 382-8281
Majority Whip Don Jones – (740) 391-5025
Assnt Majority Floor Leader Rick Carfagna
 – (740) 972-8719
Assnt Majority Whip Stacey Cindy Abrams – (513) 266-2599
Speaker Pro Tem Tim Ginter – (330) 692-2049
Committee Chairman Shane Wilkin – (937) 402-7650

Quite frankly, there are no believable excuses left for them to blame for them refusing to do their jobs.

They need to call the vote, and the only thing OGO members should accept is full passage of the bill.

Please contact these politicians now, and forward this email on to your friends and ask them to do the same thing!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners