Tomorrow is the FIGHT for Constitutional Carry!

If you’ve been following our emails or social media, you know that Ohio history is going to be made this week – or total treachery.

We have confirmation that Constitutional Carry will be brought up for a vote on the House floor this week, most likely TOMORROW!

It’s go time.

Please take action often over the next three days, and we are making sure to do everything we can to get as many of our ‘pro-gun’ Republicans to vote for the bill.

You can do that by clicking on this link or the image below to send your State Representative an email AND phone call directly to his or her office demanding they support HB227 on the floor!

You see, the more votes we have to hammer HB227 out of the House with, the more pressure it will put on DeWine to sign the bill when we slam it on his desk!

The fact is, if the passage vote looks weak, DeWine could easily cave to the radical left if he thinks he can get away with it!

With five states already passing it this year and the Pennsylvania General Assembly passing it this week, there are zero excuses left for the Ohio House Republican supermajority not to vote Constitutional Carry all the way through!

Make sure your Representative knows that anything less than a YES vote on HB227 is a betrayal of every gun owner in Ohio.

Let’s get to work – time is short.

Take action NOW!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners