Update on Constitutional Carry

Have you heard the news about Constitutional Carry?


It’s being scheduled for a vote in committee Thursday.


But that’s not all…


As you’ll see in my video, the politicians on the committee want to reinsert the prohibition on lawful Ohioans being able to defend themselves, their families, and their fellow parishioners in places of worship.

Watch my video here:



This is ridiculous.


Places of worship can already make themselves a ‘criminal safe zone’ if they want to by putting no guns allowed signage on their property – that wouldn’t change under HB227.


But what these politicians want is for lawful church-going Ohioans like us to be disarmed and sitting ducks at church.


And if the Republicans start opening this bill up to weakening amendments, the communists masquerading as Democrats will smell blood in the water.


That’s why we CANNOT let this happen.


That’s why it is vitally important for you to take action by calling AND sending the politicians a text message telling them not to water the bill down and vote it out as is!


Speaker Bob Cupp – (419) 230-2668
Committee Chairman
 Shane Wilkin – (937) 402-7650
Speaker Pro Tem Tim Ginter – (330) 692-2049
House Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz – (513) 382-8281
Assistant Majority Leader Rick Carfagna – (740) 972-8719
Majority Whip Don Jones – (740) 391-5025
Assistant Majority Whip Cindy Abrams – (513) 266-2599


Just remember folks, if they get what they want, the blood of the innocent victims of the next Ohio church massacre WILL BE ON THEIR HANDS!

Help FIGHT BACK and take action today!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners