URGENT: Constitutional Carry Possibly Being Derailed!

As you know, we’ve made massive progress on Constitutional Carry in the last 4 months.

The Ohio House has passed their version (OGO’s HB227) and the Ohio Senate has passed their version (SB215), and OGO backs, supports and rammed both of them through.

But in order to get Constitutional Carry on Governor DeWine’s desk, we need the either the House to pass the Senate version or the Senate to pass the House version of Constitutional Carry.

Right now, SB215 is now sitting in the House Government Oversight Committee, just waiting for a vote.

Late last week, OGO put out a mobilization alert urging people to contact Speaker Cupp’s office, urging him to give the order for the Government Oversight Committee to schedule a hearing on SB215.

In response, the House Government Oversight Committee sent out a notice of meeting for this Thursday, February 3rd.

Today, OGO sent an open letter to the entire Government Oversight Committee once again urging them to do the job they campaigned on and were elected to do and vote SB215 out of committee.

Also today, OGO sent out a statewide press release reinstating our desire for the Ohio General Assembly to take action on these bills.

But moments ago, OGO received the committee agenda from Government Oversight Committee Chairman Shane Wilkin’s office, revealing the agenda for this Thursday’s committee…

And Friend, they deliberately left SB215 OFF of the agenda!

Worse, to make it clear to everyone that they’re deliberately stalling Constitutional Carry, they’ve added peripheral gun bills to the docket, deliberately flipping off gun owners in the process.

It’s TOTAL disrespect for the voters who elected them to do the job they were elected to do.

And we think it’s total bullshit here at Ohio Gun Owners.

That’s why I’m asking gun owners to rise up and FIGHT BACK by calling or texting (or both) the Republican members of the House Government Oversight Committee and DEMAND that they add SB215 to the committee agenda for Thursday’s meeting and vote it out

Chairman Shane Wilkin(937) 402-7650

Vice-Chairwoman Andrea White(937) 321-1813

Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz(513) 382-8281

Assistant Maj. Leader Rick Carfagna(740) 972-8719

Majority Whip Don Jones(740) 391-5025

Speaker Pro Tem Tim Ginter(330) 692-2049

Representative Phil Plummer(937) 478-5367

Remember, this is the SAME committee and the SAME legislators who already stabbed gun owners in the back once this year by passing Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz’ watered down sub-bill.

DON’T let them bully you around.

If you get a response from one of them or if you’re lucky enough to get one of them on the phone, demand that they do their jobs and pass SB215 now!

As I’ve mentioned before, we have very limited time to get this done before the Republican Primary election in early May, so we need to take action and give it all we’ve got!

We can’t afford to let Republicans like these trample on our freedoms because the Democrats are already doing enough of that

Now is the time to FIGHT!

Please take action RIGHT AWAY.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners