OGO Responds

If we aren’t ruffling feathers at the Ohio Statehouse – a building cram-packed with politicians who go to work every day with a to-do list topped by the word “NOTHING” – we aren’t doing our jobs.

And we always do our job at Ohio Gun Owners.

So yesterday we ruffled the political feathers of the House government oversight committee members, because last week Thursday and now this week Thursday the committee had or has an opportunity to pass SB215, Constitutional Carry, and isn’t.

Last night we asked you to take action for SB215 by contacting each member of the committee personally and demand they get the ball rolling on Constitutional Carry.

And the response from the politicians was the typical finger-pointing, blame-shifting and whining that has come to typify politics in Columbus when it comes to their refusals to move quickly to secure and restore our freedoms.

This morning, Rob and I decided that we needed to shoot a video and set the record straight. You can watch our video here.

And after you’ve watched our video, I hope you’ll take action by sending the members of the Government Oversight Committee a new pre-written email using our action center.


The fact of the matter is, the longer these politicians drag their feet, the longer they stall the bill, and the longer they take to pass this bill out of committee, the less likely the bill will make it onto DeWine’s desk before the May primary election.

And if Republicans like Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz amend the bill in any way, there’s a good chance that amendment would give DeWine the excuse he needs to veto the bill.

And after all the work that the fantastic gun owners of Ohio have done, that is not acceptable.

So watch our video above and take action today!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners