Video: Constitutional Carry Stalled

Overpromise. Underdeliver.

That’s what most of the politicians in Columbus are great at.

And they’re doing that again right now, in fact.

Late yesterday afternoon, right after we issued a statewide press release calling on the Ohio House Government Oversight Committee to pass Constitutional Carry out of their committee, the House Government Oversight Committee announced that they were not bringing up SB215 in their Thursday meeting.

So we did what we do, and got to work.

Chris shot a video last night to bring you the latest on what is going on with the Government Oversight Committee and Constitutional Carry. You can watch his video here.

You’re not gonna want to miss this one. So please give it a watch by clicking the link or the image above!

This is not the time for summer soldiers and sunshine patriots, this is the time for ACTION!

And we cannot afford to keep punting the ball of freedom down the road any longer.

We’ll be addressing some of the feedback our members are already receiving in an email later this afternoon.

~~ Rob Knisley