OGO Interviews Rep. Scott Wiggam

Our foundational document and our most basic freedoms are under assault right here in Ohio. That is one of the many topics you’ll hear discussed in today’s video interview!

On deck for today is State Rep. Scott Wiggam (R-Wooster), who drops truth bomb after truth bomb about the state of our Republic and dangers on the horizon if Issue One fails.

And make no mistake about it – Issue One has HUGE implications for our gun rights.

Watch Chris and Rep. Wiggam’s conversation here or by clicking on the image below:

As you will hear, Issue One safeguards our freedoms from the special interests, global elites, AND politicians alike, so it is very important that gun owners fight back and do what we must to protect and save our Constitution!

Vote Pro-Gun, Vote YES on Issue 1 on or before the August 8th Special Election!

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Help us fight to win!