Wellston, OH General Mills Plant Targeting Gun Owners

The General Mills plant in Wellston, OH is punishing employees who believe in the Second Amendment, and those employees need our help!

Please read this short email and take quick action.

As most Ohio gun owners know, last Tuesday was the day Ohio law went into effect and restored gun owners’ ability to leave a firearm in their vehicle at their place of employment.

Right on cue, anti-gunners like the “Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence” (as if guns can somehow jump up and become violent) started howling about it all over the state!

And we aren’t surprised when anti-gunners voice their displeasure at law-abiding gun owners having a small portion of their rights restored.

But at the General Mills plant in Wellston, OH, Human Resources manager Jeff Vandlen is on a mission to punish employees who choose to exercise their newly restored rights and keep their firearm in their vehicles!

Upset family members of employees who work at the Wellston plant began bombarding our phone line and Facebook messages right after Vandlen’s intentions became known.

Here’s the scoop:

In retaliation against employees relieved about not having to leave their firearm at home during their commute and instead being able to keep it locked in their car in the parking lot, Vandlen created a draconian employee policy designed to force employees to leave their firearms home.

Read the policy for yourself!

As you can see, the policy is tantamount to entrapment.

In the first line, you can see that General Mills still bans all firearms.

It then goes on to require employees to notify Human Resources before-hand if they’re going to bring a firearm on the premises and if that isn’t possible, immediately upon arrival.

Worse, if General Mills staff or human resources personnel even so much as notices a loose cartridge in the back of someone’s truck that they may have left there on accident, it’s grounds for TERMINATION!

To add insult to injury, employees with a concealed handgun license would be required to present their permit to the Human Resources department every 30 DAYS!

I couldn’t believe it until I was sent a copy of the policy.

It’s clear that the management at the General Mills plant in Wellston, OH are targeting gun owners as a class of citizens for discrimination.

That’s why they need to hear from gun owners like you all across the state.

Whether or not they’re permitted by law to even create such a policy isn’t our main concern right now.

Gun owners need to send the loud message that we’re sick and tired of being treated like 3rd class citizens.

It’s already enough that we’re targeted for more “gun-control” laws after every shooting rampage, as if we’re to blame for the evil atrocities committed by others.

But gun owners need to band together and fight back to stop draconian, discriminatory policies like these from being enacted because if we don’t, it sets a dangerous precedent that other companies may follow.

That’s why I’m asking you, gun owners across the state, to take action right now.

First, contact Wellston, OH General Mills Human Resources director Jeff Vandlen right away.

Tell him that discriminating against law-abiding citizens and treating upstanding, harmless gun owners like they’re third-class is outrageous!

Here is Jeff’s contact info:

Jeff Vandlen
[email protected] (click this link to send a pre-written email)

When you’re done, please also call plant manager Carolyn Mendel at 740.286.2171, extension 69228, and tell her the same thing.

It’s important for management at companies like General Mills to send a loud and clear message up the corporate line – DO NOT discriminate against gun owners.

Cheerios, Wheaties, Pillsbury, Green Giant, Progresso, Haagen-Dazs – they’re all General Mills brands that hard working, law-abiding folks like us enjoy.

That’s why they need to hear from you TODAY.

Our fellow gun owners working at the General Mills plant in Wellston are counting on it.

When you’re done, please forward this email on to your friends, family and Second Amendment buddies and ask them to do the same!

For Freedom

Chris Dorr
Executive Director

Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Members of management at the Wellston, OH General Mills plant are targeting employees who wish to leave their firearm in their vehicles during work hours for discrimination.

Please read the short email above and take action!

Our fellow gun owners at the plant in Wellston are counting on it.

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