When offenses come…

Ohio Gun Owners exists to represent and intercede for our membership — folks like you — to the political class in Columbus and across our state.

We fight hard to advance pro-gun legislation, we fight ruthlessly to defeat the left’s America-hating gun control agenda, our loyalty is to our cherished Second Amendment freedoms and our fealty is to you, our members and supporters.

We don’t exist to serve the political class — they exist to serve you, their bosses.

That’s why I wanted you to view this video (below) our Director, Chris Dorr, produced the other day.

As you know, we are gearing up for a major battle when our General Assembly comes back from summer break in mid-September.

The fight we are all facing is being launched by Mike DeWine, some very bad Republicans and radicalized Democrats to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders and Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registry.

And because we are already fighting this agenda aggressively, BFA-endorsed Governor Kaisch DeWine has deployed his willing cohorts in this terrible scheme – the Buckeye Firearms Association – to try to attack the good work Ohio Gun Owners is gearing up to do.

Please watch the video below.

When you are finished please consider contributing whatever amount you can afford to help us DEFEAT DeWine and his gun-control agenda!

For Freedom,
Ohio Gun Owners

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