Where’s our vote?

Gun owners in the Buckeye state have upheld our end of the bargain.

We defeated Michael Bloomberg takeover attempts and the Left’s attacks during the elections.

We elected Republican Super-Majorities.

Pro-gun champs Tom Brinkman and Kris Jordan introduced Constitutional Carry for us.

We’ve gone through sponsor testimony, proponent testimony, opponent testimony and interested party testimony.

The chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, Representative Shane Wilkin, is even a cosponsor of the bill!

And yet there is no vote scheduled for HB227.

Let’s not forget that TWENTY-ONE states now have Constitutional Carry – nearly half of our beautiful nation.

This year alone, FIVE states have passed Constitutional Carry into law, including Republican mega-state Texas!

So why is HB227 languishing in the Government Oversight Committee?

It should not be.

With eight Republicans and five Democrats on the committee, there are more than enough votes to overcome Democrat opposition and pass the bill out of committee.

It is simple: bring the bill up in the next committee and call the vote.

But what about the some of the moderate Republicans on the committee like Cindy Abrams, Andrea White or Rick Carfagna?

To be clear, both Cindy Abrams AND Rick Carfagna are both widely known to be running to replace Bob Cupp as Speaker of the House when Cupp is termed out at the end of this General Assembly.

If Abrams and Carfagna are openly anti-gun, it is better for gun owners and the rest of the House of Representatives to know NOW before one of them potentially becomes the next Speaker!

And should the vote fail in the Government Oversight Committee, Chairman Wilkin could simply re-refer the bill to another committee like the State and Local Government Committee and keep the bill moving forward!

That’s why we are urging everyone to contact Chairman Wilkin and tell him to CALL THE VOTE NOW!

Tell Wilkin: Call the Vote!

The only way HB227 gets to the floor of the House for a full vote is if it makes it past the committee holding it back.

And no matter if the vote passes or fails, gun owners deserve to know which Republicans representing them in Columbus are really pro-gun and which ones are total FAKES.

So send your pre-written message to Chair Wilkin and Speaker Bob Cupp TODAY demanding they hold a vote on Constitutional Carry before summer break.

Tell Wilkin: Call the Vote!

There’s only one week left before the politicians all go on their summer vacations and forget about protecting and expanding our gun rights.

The time to fight like hell is right now!


After you have sent your email and had your pro-gun family and friends do the same, please also give Chairman Wilkin a phone call at: (614) 466-3506 and ask him, ‘what are you waiting for? CALL THE VOTE NOW!’

If you have emailed in the past, email again.

If you have called in the past, call again.

We have to dump as much pressure on them as we can.

FIGHT for Freedom – our rights depend on it!

For Ohio,

Rob Knisley,
Political Director
Ohio Gun Owners