2022 OGO Ohio Senate Voter Guide

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Senate District Candidates Positive Vote Record/Survey
01 Rob McColley (R)
03 VIDEO Michele Reynolds (R)
Tina Maharath (D)
05 Stephen Huffman (R)
07 Steve Wilson (R)
David Dallas (D)
13 Nathan Manning (R)
Anthony Eliopoulos (D)
17 Shane Wilkin (R) ✘✘*
Garry Boone (D)
19 VIDEO Andrew Brenner (R)
Heather Swiger (D)
21 Mikhail Alterman (R)
Kent Smith (D)
23 Landry Simmons, Jr. (R)
Nickie Antonio (D)
25 Chandler Wysocki (R)
William DeMora (D)
27 VIDEO Kristina Roegner (R)
Patricia Goetz (D)
29 Kirk Schuring (R)
33 VIDEO Michael Rulli (R)
Bob Hagan (D)

* This Republican actively worked against, attempted to block, spoke against in caucus or watered down Ohio Gun Owners priority legislation.


Tremendous freedoms hang in the balance in these elections, and all eyes across America are focused on what happens here.

The Ohio General Assembly elections are critical as Ohio Gun Owners gears up to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act and to block Red Flag Gun Confiscation from being passed into law.

Who should you vote for? That’s your decision to make, and Ohio Gun Owners stands ready, willing and able to tackle every scenario that comes as the result of these elections.

But on November 8th, go to the polls and vote PRO-GUN!