Action ALERT: Gun owners in Clermont County need our help TODAY!

It’s no secret that Ohio has a terrible “preemption” statute.

Ohio’s preemption statute, ORC 9.68, is the statute that supposedly prevents local cities, counties or any “political subdivision” from creating their own gun-control laws, but it is terribly weak!

It is so weak, in fact, that anti-gun county officials down at the Clermont County Fair have decided to violate it and hang illegal signs at their entrances telling gun owners to disarm and notifying criminals that they’re “open for business” to violent crime:

As every gun owner knows, gun-free zones are where the majority of America’s deadly mass-killing tragedies happen, because only good people like you and me obey the law.

Even though they fully know this, the Clermont County Fair Board, the Clermont County Sheriff’s office, the Clermont County Prosecutor and the Clermont County Commissioners are willfully participating in the violation of state law in order to enforce their anti-gun agenda that defacto empowers violent criminals!

Jeff Smith, a longtime activist for gun rights in Ohio, is leading the effort to have these dangerous and illegal signs removed and has completed a very thorough write-up about the details here.

But he needs your help, and it will only take a minute of your time!

We are asking gun owners from across Ohio to send a pre-written email to these jokers and put them on notice: pull down your illegal signs, or get sued into oblivion if some criminal goes on a shooting spree!

Please help gun owners in Clermont County right away!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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