Rep. Angie King: Issue 1 & our Gun Rights!

The groups lining up in opposition to Issue One speak volumes about what their plans for our Constitution are, and that is one of the many topics you’ll hear discussed in today’s video interview!

On deck for today is State Rep. Angie King (R-Celina), who recently got lots of social media attention on the OGO Facebook page for posting her large, custom-made signs tying Issue One to our gun rights.

And make no mistake about it – Issue One has HUGE implications for our gun rights.

Watch Chris and Rep. King’s conversation here or by clicking on the image below:

As you will hear, the Communists, Socialists and Progressives (not to mention the entire anti-gun crowd!) are all lining up against Issue One, so it is very important that gun owners fight back and do what we must to protect and save our Constitution!

Vote Pro-Gun, Vote YES on Issue 1 on or before the August 8th Special Election!