Ohio ALERT: Dolan Introduces Republican Gun-Control Bill


This is an Ohio Gun Owners Emergency Alert. I’m asking you to read this short post and then take immediate action.

Republican Senator Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) just introduced a massive, multi-pronged, 125-page gun-control omnibus bill (SB357), and it’s bad.

It’s jam-packed with gun-control, like:

Red Flag Gun Confiscation.

Red Flag laws destroy due process by empowering liberal, activist judges to order your guns confiscated without you ever being charged, tried or convicted of a crime.

Mandates cosigners on firearms purchases.

If you are below a certain age, you will be required to get someone of an older age to co-sign for your character when purchasing a firearm.

Once codified, this law can and will be easily amended by future Ohio General Assemblies to increase the age at-will.

Creates civil liability if a firearm is used in a crime.

The Left has been trying to target gun manufacturers like this for years, and now Dolan wants co-signers of firearms purchases to be held civilly liable if a firearm they cosigned for is used in the commission of a crime.

Creates “Seller’s Protection” licenses.

“Optional” until they are mandated, the purpose of these licenses is to bully every single individual selling a firearm to create a record in the NCIC database.

People who do NOT get a “seller’s protection” license will easily be targeted for prosecution, and this whole notion is a rebranded version of Bloomberg’s National Gun Registration scheme to track, trace and register gun owners like sex-offenders.

And this is all before the bill gets amended in committee by Dolan’s Democrat friends.

If you’ve been reading our emails or watching our videos lately, you know that Ohio Gun Owners has been preparing for a massive gun-control fight immediately after the elections.


Because Biden, Schumer and Pelosi convinced 15 Republican traitors to pass a huge federal funding bill that bribes state legislatures to pass their own Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws.

So if the Ohio General Assembly passes an Ohio Red Flag law, they’ll get paid massive stacks of federal tax dollars to do it.

But here’s where it gets worse.

There is no better time than immediately after the November elections during “lame duck session” for Dolan to try to pass his gun-control agenda.

In between November 8th and December 31st, the Ohio General Assembly will come back to Columbus and vote on legislation before the new legislators are sworn in.

Many of the legislators in Columbus during Lame Duck Session will be term-limited or will have already been voted out of office by their districts.

That means that they are FAR more willing to take controversial votes because they’ll never be facing the voters again!

And the same is true for Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, who is widely expected to crush Democrat Nan Whaley in November.

Mike DeWine has always supported the Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws that target gun owners, which is why it was the hallmark of his gun-control proposal after the August 2019 Dayton shootings.

DeWine has always supported bans on AR15’s, which is why he reintroduced it with Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Kalifornia) back in 2004.

DeWine has always supported liability transfers from criminals to innocent parties, which is why he voted to hold gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with branded firearms.

Combining these truths with the fact that Mike DeWine will be past the final election of his political career and will never need to pander for votes again, we have a deadly situation on our hands.

Ohio Gun Owners is preparing to meet this post-election threat head on, and I’m asking for you to do two things right away.

First, please sign and submit your petition against this disaster immediately.

OGO needs to identify as many pro-gun Ohioans as we possibly can and get them mobilized against this threat, so please sign yours right away.

Next, please make a contribution to Ohio Gun Owners.

Whether that’s $5, whether that’s $500 or anywhere in between, Ohio Gun Owners has never been afraid to grab the bull by its horns and spin it crashing into the ground.

The way we do that is by taking the Bidenflation-ravaged dollars that you entrust to us and mobilizing gun owners statewide to put massive amounts of pressure on the politicians in Columbus.

We do it through email, direct mail, social media ads, digital media ads and even radio ads.

So whatever amount you can afford to give, Ohio Gun Owners has fought this kind of fight before, and we are ready, willing and operational to scale for this fight immediately.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners