Guess who just set up shop in Ohio?

They’re here.

On Thursday afternoon, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly announced the launch of a new, Ohio-based gun-control group, the “Ohio Coalition for Common Sense.”

Kelly, who flew to Columbus for the event, says their new Ohio group will focus on advocating for more background checks. . .

. . . just like they are doing in seven other strategic states across the country.

To be blunt, they’re coming here to set up shop to organize and mobilize their forces to try to pass Bloomberg’s hallmark agenda, Statewide Gun Registration.

And you can be dang sure that they will fight tooth and nail to stop, block and derail ANY pro-gun measure that gun owners try to pass in Columbus, like Constitutional Carry!

You see, while the blood was still drying in the wake of the Newtown shootings in 2012, Big Gun Control launched a large-scale, multi-year offensive against our gun rights.

While they may have failed to pass the “Manchin-Toomey” gun-control bill in 2013, they learned a lesson in the process.

After their defeat, they quickly reformed and announced a grassroots, state-based, “bottom up” approach instead.

Now they’re bringing their grassroots gun-control approach of identifying, mobilizing and organizing gun-control supporters right here to Ohio.

And they have resources, lots of it.

Bankrolled by BILLIONAIRE anti-gun radical Michael Bloomberg, they don’t have to worry about having the resources to start implementing their plan.

On day one they’ll be able to pour money into statewide media campaigns, online advertising and election programs!

Now, some gun owners will be tempted to think, “it’ll never happen here in Ohio.”

But Bloomberg is COUNTING on gun owners to believe that.

It has worked for him before.

In New York, gun owners thought their Republican Senate “had gun owners’ backs” until they passed the “Safe Act.”

In Washington state, rural gun owners were shocked that Bloomberg passed background checks through a statewide ballot campaign.

Just like gun owners were in Maine.

And in Nevada.

And Oregon.

He nearly passed his Statewide Gun Registry in Minnesota and would have by now if it weren’t for mobilized, organized gun owners in that state.

He’s COUNTING on gun owners in Ohio believing it “could never happen here.”

But we aren’t about to let that happen.

In fact, this is precisely why we started Ohio Gun Owners, to make sure that the grassroots ARMY of pro-gun citizens like you all across Ohio are being rallied to our cause in the same way!

So if you’re not already a member of Ohio Gun Owners, I’m asking you to join right now.

If you already are, we’re grateful and happy to have you standing with us! Please consider making an additional contribution today.

This is a long-term numbers game. Gun politics always is.

And because it is a numbers game, we need to make sure we’re doing everything we can to pull more gun owners out of the bleachers and onto the field to join with us.

So if you have some friends or family that are passionate about their Right to Keep and Bear Arms and who you think should get more involved, ask them to join with us!

An ARMY of tens of thousands of organized, mobilized pro-gun Ohioans are the best way to defend, maintain and advance our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

So please join with us. Ask your friends and family to join with us.

Thank you for everything you do to defend our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords launched a new, Ohio-based gun-control organization on Thursday called “Ohio Coalition for Common Sense.”

Their goal is to pass a state-wide gun registry, just like they’re trying to pass in seven other strategic states across America.

But we aren’t about to let that happen.

In fact, this is precisely why we started Ohio Gun Owners, to make sure that a grassroots ARMY of pro-gun Ohioians crushes every single gun-control snake that rears its ugly head.

So if you’re not already a member of Ohio Gun Owners, please join with us right away.

And if you are, please consider asking your pro-gun friends to do the same!

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