JD Vance Attacks OGO?!?

As many of you know, OGO put out a video a few days ago in which we drew attention to business partners, relationships and friendships that US Senate Candidate JD Vance has with global big-tech billionaires.

To state the obvious, Big Tech has been an outright ENEMY of freedom in America for the last 6 years at least.

We raised the basic questions, like, if JD Vance was willing to do business with Google’s Eric Schmidt, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Starbuck’s Howard Schultz in the past, why should gun owners and voters trust him to be able to fight for us in the Washington DC swamp?

They were honest and fair questions, questions that any reasonable person would want to know the answers of before casting their votes on Tuesday.

But instead of providing even some basic talking points, JD Vance did a Friday radio interview and went on the attack against Ohio Gun Owners, refusing to address the most basic concerns we brought up in our previous video.

This video is a direct response to JD Vance’s attack on Ohio Gun Owners.

I hope you’ll watch it and share this video with your friends.

Ohioans deserve to get answers to the questions that were brought forward in our first video, but JD Vance refuses to provide any.

Because he won’t, gun owners and voters need to take a good look at JD Vance, look into his eyes and see if they can convince you of the truth.

Because if there is ONE thing that the members of Ohio Gun Owners have become TOTAL PROFESSIONALS at over the last five years, it is sniffing out total and complete BULLSHIT from politicians.

Because here’s the truth:

We’ve all watched what it is like to have a bumbling, decrepit joke get puppeteered by his handlers in Washington DC.

And Ohio needs to know if that’s exactly what they’re going to get in JD Vance.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners