Republican Gun-Control Omnibus Bill Introduced at Statehouse!

This is an Ohio Gun Owners EMERGENCY ALERT about a gun-control bill introduced at the Statehouse. Please read this email in its entirety and take immediate action!

Thursday morning, Representative Mike Henne (R-Clayton-HD40) introduced House Bill 585, a gun-control omnibus bill designed to destroy our 2nd Amendment freedoms in Ohio.

This gun-control bill is backed by Governor Kasich, Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger and the entire Republican leadership team in our General Assembly.

That’s why we’re asking you to get involved by signing your petition AGAINST this proposal right away! More on that below.

HB585 is a gun-control omnibus bill, meaning that it has been carefully crafted to include MANY gun-control proposals – all in one bill.

And it’s bad. Very bad.

First off, it would destroy due process for gun owners.

By creating “ex-parte” emergency protection orders, it allows someone to petition a court to have a person’s firearms taken away at a hearing that the person accused doesn’t even know is taking place.

No retaining counsel. No offering counter-evidence. No refuting of “evidence” brought forward by the accuser. Nothing.

Due process is destroyed.

And if the court sides with the accuser, the first time a gun owner would know that he or she has been stripped of their Right to Keep and Bear Arms is when the local sheriff is knocking at their door, warrant in hand, to search your house and confiscate your firearms and ammunition.

Can you imagine the incentive your spouse would have if you were both in the middle of a nasty divorce case to petition the court to have your gun rights taken away?

Or imagine how an “ex parte” emergency gun violence protection order would be used against you by a crazy, weeping ex or girlfriend if you were in child custody court?

Web, it’s easy to see how this undermines the very foundation of our American freedoms.

Due process is fundamental to our freedom and has for generations made America the envy of people all over the world!

But long-term, however, it’s even worse.

Gun-grabbers like Representative Henne and Governor Kasich KNOW that getting this legislation passed is the proverbial “getting the camel’s nose under the wall of the tent.”

Passing HB585 into law is critical in Big Gun Control’s long-term mission of expanding gun-confiscation by declaration, rather than adjudication.

In the future, HB585 would allow gun-grabbers to expand and increase gun confiscation by simply amending the definitions of “prohibited persons” in the Ohio Revised Code.

With patriotism and love for America increasingly under attack, it isn’t hard to imagine twenty years from now people who talk about  “the Founding Fathers” or “the Second Amendment” having that used against them in the courts to have their gun rights taken away.

And Web, this is only one of the gun control issues addressed in this bill!

In addition to destroying due process and creating “ex parte” gun confiscation orders, it would also:

➤➤ Ban bumpstocks.

Even though bumpstocks were not proven whatsoever to have been used in the Las Vegas concert killings, bumpstocks have been HAMMERED on by the radicalized left as the entry point for passing bigger gun-control bills.

In fact, to this very day, a bumpstock has never been documented to have been used in a violent crime in America, but this bill would outlaw them.

➤➤ Ban already-prohibited armor piercing ammunition.

This proposal is a solution in search of a completely non-existent problem – and a talking point ripped straight out of the 1990’s Brady Bill.

Criminals in Ohio – or anywhere else in America, for that matter, don’t use armor piercing bullets in crime.

And if a criminal is going to commit a crime so significant they needed armor-piercing bullets, there are myriad ways to obtain them through illegal methods.

In other words, this is a talking point carefully inserted into the bill to scare politicians into voting FOR this gun-control bill, for fear of casting a perceived vote against law-enforcement.

HB585 is extremely dangerous – in fact, it may be the most serious gun-control bill that gun owners in Ohio have ever faced.

Here’s why:

1. Representative Mike Henne is lame duck. Ohio’s term limits prohibit Henne from running for reelection in 2018.

What that means for gun owners trying to stop this bill is that Representative Henne no longer cares about his reelection chances – he’s term limited.

2. Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger is lame duck.

Like Representative Henne, Cliff Rosenberger no longer cares about the voters in his district at election time, and nor is he worried about a challenge being made to his Speakership in his waning hours of power.

3. Governor Kasich is lame duck.

Governor John Kasich launched his presidential campaign to unseat President Trump immediately following the Florida Valentine’s day killings.

Now he’s on a mission to prove his bonafides to the gun-grabber crowd by punishing the gun owners who elected him in 2014.

With gun owners’ usefulness gone, Kasich isn’t worried about political blowback from gun owners across Ohio.

These three points, combined with Kasich’s plan to use HB585 as “just the starting point” mean that gun owners have to mobilize and fight back – RIGHT NOW.

That’s why we’re asking you to do two things right away.

First, please click and submit your petition against H.B. 585 by clicking the image below.

We’re collecting as many thousands of these petitions as we can to use as political baseball bats, warning waffling members of both caucuses that gun owners will hold them accountable at election time!

We’d love to add yours to the pile, Web, so please click the image above and submit yours right away!

Second, please consider a generous contribution to our efforts to mobilize gun owners statewide.

Bloomberg, his front groups like Moms Demand Action, and other freedom hating groups like Sandy Hook promise are spending big.

And if you saw the rallies that happened two weekends ago, you know they’re organized, and they’re well funded.

If we don’t fight back fire with fire, we’re toast.

That’s why Ohio Gun Owners is working around the clock to recruit, organize and mobilize thousand of gun owners like us in every corner of the state.

If you can afford a major contribution of $250, $500 or even $1,000, we’ve never needed it more than we do right now.

But if that’s completely out of reach, we understand. Everybody has to live within their budget.

So if $100, $50 or even $35 is more appropriate, we can spend it wisely in a targeted district where it’ll make the most impact.

So please click and submit your petition against HB585 right away!

Whatever amount you can afford, we’ll put it to immediate use doing everything we can to stop, block and KILL HB585.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. HB585, Governor Kasich’s gun-control omnibus bill, has been introduced at the Statehouse.

In short, it would destroy due process for gun owners by creating “ex parte” hearings where gun owners can be stripped of their rights without even being present to defend themselves in court!

We need to stop this bill DEAD in its tracks.

But if we’re going to be successful at stopping it, we’ll need all hands on deck.

That’s why I hope you’ll sign the petition AGAINST HB585 by clicking the image below right away!

Once you’re finished, I hope you’ll consider a major contribution of $250, $500 or even $1,000 right away!

But if that’s just too much, please send $100, $50, $35 or whatever you can afford today.

Whatever amount that is, we’ll put it to immediate use in targed districts to make sure we’re doing everything we can to kill HB585.

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