Why won’t Mike DeWine fill out his gun rights Candidate Questionnaire?

With Ohio Governor John Kasich on the warpath against gun owners and a battle raging to replace him, I hope you’ll read this email and take action!

It’s no secret that Kasich has joined up with Bloomberg to architect a gun-control omnibus bill that’s about to be unveiled at the Statehouse.

That’s why, with time running out on Kasich’s governorship, Ohio Gun Owners is mobilizing gun owners by the thousands to block his gun-control proposals.

But while the efforts may or may not be successful, it makes who we select as our next governor very important.

And as you know, the gubernatorial primaries are coming up on May 8th, 2018, and Ohio Gun Owners is conducting our gubernatorial Survey Program, asking every gubernatorial candidate where they stand on issues gun owners care about.

Right now in Ohio, Republican Governor John Kasich says that if gun owners pass Stand-Your-Ground (already law in 36 states!) through our General Assembly, he’ll veto it.

Right now, Republican Governor Kasich wants to ban AR15’s.

Right now, Republican Governor Kasich wants to ban standard capacity magazines.

Right now, Republican Governor Kasich wants to pass Bloomberg’s “statewide gun registration” agenda to track, trace and register every gun and gun owner in the state, like sex-offenders.

And before he was governor, Republican John Kasich in Congress for being President Bill Clinton’s ally when he voted for the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban.

That’s why we’re surveying every candidate running for governor – because we want to know how THEY will act if they succeed Governor Kasich.

To date, we have received no completed survey from candidates running for the Democrat nomination.

Worse, both major candidates in that race have come out in favor of massive gun-control proposals in the aftermath of the Florida high-school murders!

I wish I could tell you I’m surprised, but I’m not.

What IS shocking, however, is that Republican candidate Mike DeWine outright REFUSES to fill out the 2018 OGO Gubernatorial Candidate Questionnaire!

After all, given his anti-gun record in Congress gun owners would think that Mike DeWine would be chomping at the bit to let us know where he stands on important bills like Stand-Your-Ground if elected governor!

  • As a US Senator, Mike DeWine was F-rated by the NRA for his backing of “Universal Background Checks” with his notorious yes vote for “closing the gun-show loophole.”
  • As a US Senator, DeWine voted to let the Brady Campaign and other gun-control organizations SUE firearms manufacturers for crimes committed by criminals with firearms they had manufactured!
  • In fact, the Brady Campaign loved DeWine enough to give him their first endorsement of the 2006 election cycle.
  • Human Events Online even named him among the Top 10 anti-gun U.S. Senators, noting that he was “consistently the only Republican to speak in favor of anti-2nd Amendment legislation on the Senate floor.”

That’s why Ohio Gun Owners issued him our 2018 Gubernatorial Candidate Survey – because our members and our supporters deserve to know which DeWine they’ll get if they honor him with their vote.

Is he only mouthing pro-gun rhetoric to get elected, like Governor Kasich?

Or has he truly learned how dead wrong he was in the past and contritely wants to earn back the trust of gun owners?

Sadly, we just don’t know, because DeWine REFUSES to fill out the Ohio Gun Owners Gubernatorial Candidate Survey!

This is a RED ALERT for gun owners looking to make up their minds who to vote for in the May 8th Republican Primary.

That’s why we’re asking you to contact Mike DeWine’s campaign at 937-557-3392.

When you get his staff on the phone, don’t be fooled by their smooth talking points or polished campaign rhetoric.

And don’t be fooled by the “endorsements” DeWine has secured from other “gun rights organizations,” either.

After all, Governor Kasich and many other anti-gun politicians in Ohio proudly reference their “Buckeye Firearms Endorsement” in the hopes of confusing gun owners!

Now is the time for Mike DeWine to come clean about his record.

Now is the time for Mike DeWine to promise in writing that he won’t just be another Kasich and stab gun owners in the back when he’s needed most.

Now is the time for Mike DeWine to stand tall, speak plainly and earn the respect of gun owners, not just use them to get elected.

So call Mike DeWine at 937-557-3392 and tell him to fill out the Ohio Gun Owners Candidate Questionnaire right away!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Mike DeWine was as bad as they come when he surved in the US Senate – bad enough to earn an F rating from the NRA, an endorsement by the Brady campaign and celebrity status among the gun-control crowd.

Now that he’s campaigning for governor of the state of Ohio, he has some explaining to do and needs to go on record on the issues gun owners care about!

Unfortunately, DeWine outright REFUSES to fill out the Ohio Gun Owners gubernatorial candidate questionnaire!

So please call candidate DeWine’s office at 937-557-3392 and tell him to put his promises in writing!

Don’t let his slick campaign staff fool you with a list of compromised organizations’ “endorsements.”

If DeWine has nothing to hide, he should be willing to sign his candidate survey!

Don’t wait – call now! 937-557-3392!

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