House Federalism Committee

Action ALERT: Tell your Representative to Support Constitutional Carry

With THREE positive hearings already completed for Constitutional Carry (HB178), it is time for grassroots gun owners like you and me from all across Ohio to start directly lobbying our State Representatives to vote YES on Constitutional Carry! Just like we bombarded our Statehouse with calls, emails and social media messages during the battle to pass HB86 in order to clean up the debacle from last year’s HB228, now we

How the "Duty to Retreat" Repeal Was Gutted

Dear Ohio Second Amendment Supporters, Yesterday morning, the Senate Government Oversight Committee adopted an amendment to Sub House Bill 228 that gutted the chief objective of the bill, which was to remove one’s “duty to retreat” from a violent attacker. The gutted bill then moved to the Senate Floor, passed, went to the House for a concurrence vote, and now waits a signature, veto or no-action from Governor Kasich. As gun

YUGE Pro-Gun Bill Opportunity - Take ACTION!

Gun owners in the Buckeye State have been getting our teeth kicked in lately here in Ohio. With another hearing on Thursday regarding Governor Kasich’s gun-control bill (HB585), however, we’ve got some teeth kicking of our own to keep doing to stop their attacks on our gun rights. But right now I’m asking you to take a moment to contact the members of the House Federalism Committee before tomorrow’s hearing —

Crank Up the Phones!

Dear Fellow Patriot, They thought the work was over when they got elected. But gun owners didn’t elect a two-third Republican “pro-gun” majority in BOTH chambers of our legislature just to go to Columbus to be empty suits! They’re supposed to FIGHT on behalf of the voters back home, the pro-gun folks like you and me who are sick and tired of watching state after state pass major pro-gun bills

Ohio Action ALERT: Bad Gun Vote Happening TODAY!

The House Federalism Committee isn’t picking up what gun-owners are laying down. As you know, Ohio Gun Owners members and supporters have been pounding the pavement for Constitutional Carry, nearly passing it through the Federalism committee this spring. And all summer long, we’ve been busy mobilizing more gun owners across the state in preparation a second attempt at passing it through committee this fall. But in addition to HB 201,

It's rights around the corner, Web

Most of the kids have gone back to school, and the days aren’t quite as long as they used to be. When you get up in the morning, the temperatures reveal that we’re on the slide from summer to fall. That means we’re getting close to September and the return of the politicians to the Statehouse in Columbus. Here at Ohio Gun Owners, we’ve been extremely busy all summer long

Constitutional Carry - The Next Step for H.B. 201

The politicians are on summer break. And if you’ve been a regular reader of our emails or follow us on our Facebook page, you know that the House Federalism Committee did not pass H.B. 201 out of Committee. But H.B. 201, or Constitutional Carry, is very much alive and well! In fact, H.B. 201 is alive until December 31, 2018! However, we aren’t about to sit back on our collective

Yesterday's Federalism Committee - Here's the results

I wish I had better news to share with you. Hundreds and hundreds of gun owners like you across the state rained call after call and email after email on the Federalism Committee. Seven of the thirteen members of the committee signed on as cosponsors of the bill, H.B. 201. And Constitutional Carry has exploded from a measly four states back in 2010 to now over a dozen! Our neighbors

URGENT: Web, there isn't much time - call now!

There isn’t much time to explain. Please watch this short video, then make sure you contact the members of the House Federalism Committee listed below! Don’t wait – the committee starts at 1pm TODAY! Contact: ➜➜ Chair Kristina Roegner email: [email protected] Phone: 614.466.1177 Facebook: Here ➜➜ Vice-Chair Scott Lipps Email: [email protected] Phone: 614.644.6023 Facebook: Here ➜➜ Ranking Member David Leland Email: [email protected] Phone: 614.466.2473 Facebook: Here ➜➜ Rep Michael Ashford

URGENT: Constitutional Carry may move Tomorrow - Take Action!

I wish I could say I’m emailing you only to say Happy Independence Day! The fact is, I hate to email you on a day like today when most people are celebrating Independence Day with their family and friends. But defending freedom and the human right to defend one’s life and family is the exact reason why I’m emailing you right now. You see, tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1:00pm is the