my text to Speaker Stephens

OGO will be in the Statehouse “pressing the flesh” later this afternoon in order to try to still get a vote on HB51.

But I wanted you to see the text message I sent to Speaker Jason Stephens last night and get your input on it.

But before you read my text message to him, I have a few more ‘Republican’ legislators that OGO Nation needs to contact quickly about their position on HB51 (SAPA).

Gary Click
Office: (614) 466-1374
Direct: (419) 307-1413

Sara Carruthers
Office: (614) 644-6721
Direct: (513) 470-9410

Tom Young
Office: (614) 466-6504
Direct: (937) 609-1370

Sharon Ray
Office: (614) 466-8140
Direct: (330) 461-3599

Gail Pavliga
Office: (614) 466-2004
Direct: (330) 472-2754

Tracy Richardson
Office: (614) 466-8147
Direct: (937) 642-2922

Brian Lampton
Office: (614) 644-6020
Direct: (937) 477-8182

Note: the direct lines should be capable of receiving text messages if you prefer to communicate that way.

Like I mentioned in our previous email, be polite but FIRM when you talk, text or communicate with these legislators.

The legislators that Ohio Gun Owners has named above are deliberately hiding their public position on HB51 and are credibly rumored to be opposing HB51 behind closed doors.

To restate the obvious, it is unacceptable for these Republicans to do nothing in the face of the growing tsunami of federal gun-control.

It is unacceptable for them to sabotage the Ohio Second Amendment Preservation Act just so that Ohio’s political law enforcement associations can get unfettered access to federal task force monies.

It is unacceptable not to take the vote on HB51 simply because seven or eight RINO’s don’t want to go on record on the biggest gun bill of the decade.

Here’s why:

Ohio police departments should NOT be militarizing their forces with tanks and armored personnel carriers anyway.

Ohio police departments should NOT be allowed to participate in federal gun-control task forces.

Gun-grabbing Ohio Mayors like Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther should NOT have the ability to decide to order their police departments to be Joe Biden’s gun-control enforcers.

Ohio police departments SHOULD have limitations on what federal task forces they can be a part of, ESPECIALLY when the federal departments they partner with (like the ATF and the FBI) have been weaponized against the American people!

So again, when you contact these legislators don’t let them treat you like they are the boss.

They work for you.

But that brings me to the main point of this email, I wanted you to see the text message I sent Speaker Stephens last night to get your input on it.

“Mr. Speaker, Chris Dorr here from Ohio Gun Owners, and I’m texting in regards to our bill, HB51 by Reps Loychik and Schmidt.

It has become apparent to all of HB51’s supporters what Ohio Gun Owners warned about in November when floor action was delayed from the 15th until a later date: delay of votes only empowers opponents of self-defense rights and the 2nd Amendment.

Opponents of these God-given & Constitution-enshrined rights are not encumbered by the burden of truth and so are able to falsify their witness against HB51 in their attempts to block its passage.

The memorandums of opposition by the FOP, BSSA, OPAA & OACP are riddled with knowingly false information, but that is not stopping HB51’s opponents within the House Republican caucus from using these falsehoods as a foil to kill the bill.

More directly to the point, each entity referenced above has a decades-long history of militant opposition to gun rights bills of ANY KIND, and each and every wild prediction made by these organizations about pro-gun laws on the books in Ohio today has proven embarrassingly wrong.

To put it simply, Ohio’s political law enforcement associations have zero credibility with regards to future predictions of “gun” legislation because Ohio’s political law enforcement associations are not pro-gun in any capacity.

As a gun rights organization, Ohio Gun Owners take threats against the freedoms of our membership seriously.

We believe President Joe Biden and his Vice President when they hold weekly press conferences declaring war on the 2nd Amendment and their intentions to ban America’s rifle, the AR15.

We believe high-ranking members of the Democrat party when they declare on national television, “hell yes, we’re going to take your AR15.”

These are credible and serious threats that most American gun voters believe the Radical Left will deliver upon the day they get, win or steal the votes they need.

As a matter of fact, Democrat US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer attempted such an effort just last week.

It is also the position of Ohio Gun Owners that the Ohio House Republican Caucus has a duty and responsibility to take these threats seriously and in a forward-thinking rather than reactionary manner.

States are co-equal agents in America’s governmental power structure, and a state response to what is inarguably a blatant attempt at federal tyranny is the appropriate medium for a peaceful people in which to respond.

That is why our organization respectfully requests that House Bill 51 be brought to the floor of the Ohio House for a full, final-passage floor vote in tomorrow’s (12/13/23) floor session, regardless of whether it passes or fails.

HB51 is tailor-made for the Ohio General Assembly to address the legitimate concerns gun owners in Ohio rightfully have.

And Ohio Gun Owners worked in good faith with the bill sponsors and members of the House Government Oversight Committee to address concerns brought by proponents, interested parties and even opponents to HB51, and, as passed by the Committee, it is the finished product necessary to accomplish the monumental task it faces.

In a time such as this, with the most powerful politicians in America attacking and threatening the single American right that protects every single other enumerated freedom that we Americans possess, gun voters in every single one of the 99 Ohio House districts deserve to know whether or not their legislator understands this reality, which would be accurately displayed in the vote results of HB51.

After all, the state of Ohio’s legislative response to the threats previously mentioned is the average Ohio gun voter’s only avenue of peacefully and satisfactorily solving this growing crisis.

Please put HB51 on the floor in tomorrow’s session, and let the votes be cast.


Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners”

That was my text message to Speaker Stephens last night, and believe me, typing that all out on my phone was not fun.

But did you agree with what I said? Is there anything I need to add in the future?

If so, feel free to drop us a line and relay your thoughts.

We need to keep fighting and we can’t let up now!

And no matter what the results of today are at the Statehouse, the politicians siding with the gun-control lobby need to be exposed for their treachery.

Keep fighting!

Chris Dorr, Director
Ohio Gun Owners

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