Video: OGO Delivering More Political Pain

Constitutional Carry is everywhere now.

In fact, five states passed it this year, which brings the total number of states in the Freedom Gun Club to twenty-one!

Don’t forget, our neighbors in Kentucky and West Virginia have been enjoying this freedom for some years now.

So if you live in Cincinnati, Portsmouth, or Marietta and cross the bridge over the Ohio river, you’re able to carry your Glock 19 IWB without our increasingly-tyrannical government’s permission as soon as you see those state boundary signs halfway across the bridge.

But when you return home, the same gun you’ve got tucked away inside your waistband would now make you a FELON unless you’ve got a valid CHL here in Ohio.

You know what? That ain’t right.

That’s why we here at Ohio Gun Owners are so adamant about passing this bill and fighting like hell to get Ohio to be the 22nd Constitutional Carry state.

And we aren’t afraid to admit that America is in a culture war that the radical Left seems to be winning.

But we’ve got a problem: House Government Oversight Committee Chairman Shane Wilkin.

Shane Wilkin has been sitting on Constitutional Carry (HB227) since March of this year and has yet to call the bill up for a vote through three hearings.

Why, you might ask?

Well, let’s just say he gives more weight to the whiny, weak moderate RINOs on his committee than to YOU, the gun owners of Ohio who elected him to office!

We’re fighting back against this roadblock to freedom with this NEW OGO digital ad targeting Shane Wilkin to pass Constitutional Carry. Check it out here!

After you’ve watched the ad, please help us get this in front of every pro-gun person in Wilkin’s district as well as HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of other likeminded patriots across Ohio.

And please be generous!

If Constitutional Carry is going to become a reality, we need to get it out of Wilkin’s committee first. That’s why we need this ad blasted everywhere we can afford to send it!

This is YOUR opportunity to personally put your finger on the button and press the “GO” button.

That’s why I’m asking you to personally help fund airtime on radio stations like WCHO, WKFI, and WBZI in Shane Wilkin’s district!

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The fact is, your contribution right now might have more impact than ever before in our history.

And the stakes have never been higher.

As the committee Chairman sitting on Constitutional Carry, Wilkin’s actions (or inactions) affect all of us, and we need this ad to be seen in every corner of the state.

The fact of the matter is that Representative Shane Wilkin probably KNOWS that passing Constitutional Carry is the right thing to do – and he just needs a little bit of courage.

Because if he doesn’t deliver and refuses to do his job, maybe he should start looking for another one??

Either way, please call Shane Wilkin at: (614) 466-3506 – share the video with your friends and family and encourage them to take action!

Also don’t forget to sign your OFFICIAL petition to Shane Wilkin demanding he pass Constitutional Carry here!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. Ohio Gun Owners has just unveiled our new HARD-HITTING video ad targeting House Government Oversight Committee Chairman Shane Wilkin.

We need every gun-voter and gun rights support across Ohio demanding that Wilkin get Constitutional Carry (HB227) out of his desk drawer, dust it off, and call for a vote on it IMMEDIATELY if we are going to be successful.

You can check out our ad here!

And after you’ve watched the video and shared it with someone you know, help OGO keep this ad on the air by PERSONALLY buying ad time, so we can get this ad in front of as many like-minded Ohioans as possible!