Gun owners all over America are celebrating Constitutional Carry these days, and five more states joined this fabulous freedom club this year alone – twenty-one states have it!

Ohio Gun Owners has been leading the fight to make Ohio a Constitutional Carry state too, but one major reason why Ohioans are being held back is because Speaker of the House Bob Cupp REFUSES to move HB227 through the House!

Cupp has conspired with the police unions (the same ones that always testify against pro-gun bills in committee hearings, and who opposed concealed carry back in 2004) and the radical left ever since he received the gavel and has consistently BLOCKED Constitutional Carry from moving forward.

This session may be our last chance at passing Constitutional Carry, as there is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that our supermajority ‘Republican’ legislature will remain in ‘pro-gun’ hands after next year’s elections when the new district lines go into effect.

And Ohio Gun Owners will d@mn sure not just sit back and hope for the best: we’re unloading a massive pressure program on Speaker Cupp and his band of quislings with everything we’ve got until they pass Constitutional Carry.

That’s why OGO has just released this digital ad entitled “Bob Cupp: Killing Constitutional Carry!” Check it out here!

Now that you’ve seen this ad, we need your help ramping up the grassroots pressure for Constitutional Carry now so that when session resumes, Columbus is in a pressure cooker!

Specifically, there are a couple of things I’m asking you to do:

First, please make a donation to help OGO get this ad in front of hundreds of thousands of gun owners through our digital and email programs, so that Bob Cupp hears from gun owners.

As Speaker, Cupp’s constituency is statewide, and we need this ad to be seen in every corner of the state.

Second, send your PRE-WRITTEN email in support of Constitutional Carry so that the politicians in Columbus know exactly what you expect of them.

It’s quick, easy and secure, and as you will see, we have already done the work for you!

Third, share this video with every gun owner you know!

We need the word to get out about who is really blocking Constitutional Carry in Columbus, and sharing it around does exactly that!

Republican majorities in states all over America have fought for gun owners in their states, securing freedoms like Constitutional Carry, SAPA legislation and much more.

It’s high time that our own Republican SUPERmajority in Columbus do the same thing…or maybe look for another job!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Ohio Gun Owners

P.S. While nearly half of America now enjoys Constitutional Carry law, as FIVE MORE STATES have passed it into law this year, Ohio Speaker of the House Bob Cupp has blocked its path forward ever since he became Speaker!

That’s why OGO has released this hard-hitting digital ad, to make sure that gun owners in Cupp’s district and the rest of the state know that Bob Cupp isn’t doing the job he was elected to do!

Donate to help OGO run this ad digitally and on the radio.

Send your PRE-WRITTEN email in support of Constitutional Carry law.